Has the FA Cup lost its magic?

The FA Cup returned this weekend, with the third round seeing the arrival of the so-called ‘big boys’ entering the world’s most famous competition. Teams from the Premier League and the Championship joined 44 League One and Two teams for this round of fixtures, with some big ties being pulled out the hat back in December. Continue reading “Has the FA Cup lost its magic?”


Are modern-day footballers really living the dream?

We all live our lives listening to stories of professional footballers and their lavish lifestyles, earning their thousands every week, and not having any worries about what they are doing with their lives because all their money solves all of their problems. But money can only go so far, and in reality, footballers are normal people too, with problems that us normal people can suffer too. Aaron Lennon’s case has thrown in to question whether footballers really are living the dream, or in actual fact, life at the top can be quite a struggle. Continue reading “Are modern-day footballers really living the dream?”

HOUGHTON: “Doncaster will always have a place in my heart”

Jordan Houghton signed for Doncaster Rovers in August 2016 on loan from Premier League giants Chelsea. As part of their academy, he helped them to win the FA Youth Cup in 2014. He scored in the dramatic second leg at Stamford Bridge, as the Blues won 5-3 on the night and 7-6 on aggregate, having been 6-4 down with less than 15 minutes to play. Continue reading “HOUGHTON: “Doncaster will always have a place in my heart””