It is a constant debate that surrounds the modern game, but who can truly stake a claim to being the best in the world? Playing for two of the biggest and best teams in world football, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo break records like they are going out of fashion.  Continue reading “MESSI VS RONALDO: THE BATTLE TO BE BEST”



May 25 2008. A day that will forever live long in the memory for all connected with Doncaster Rovers. A day that saw one of the greatest shocks in Football League play-off history. Almost 10 years ago, Doncaster Rovers defeated the famous Leeds United under the arch of the new Wembley Stadium, and sealed promotion to the second tier of English football for the first time in 50 years. Continue reading “ROVERS AT WEMBLEY: 10 YEARS ON”

Five free transfers to look out for in the EFL this summer

With just two play-off finals left to play at Wembley this year, the 2016/17 EFL season is drawing to a close. This season has seen plenty of goals and great drama across all three divisions, with both the Championship and League Two leaving the title race and relegation fight until the last game. Released and retained lists have been drawn up right across the country, and I’m taking a look at five men who have been released and would be worth taking a punt on. Continue reading “Five free transfers to look out for in the EFL this summer”

Are modern-day footballers really living the dream?

We all live our lives listening to stories of professional footballers and their lavish lifestyles, earning their thousands every week, and not having any worries about what they are doing with their lives because all their money solves all of their problems. But money can only go so far, and in reality, footballers are normal people too, with problems that us normal people can suffer too. Aaron Lennon’s case has thrown in to question whether footballers really are living the dream, or in actual fact, life at the top can be quite a struggle. Continue reading “Are modern-day footballers really living the dream?”